SAP provides innovative technology that can truly transform your business.
Its world-class applications give you a proven foundation for unified operations.



Drive innovation by combining the power of branding and customer success! With our SAP solutions, embrace intelligent technologies and next-gen business processes to deliver personalization and experience that counts.

Improve decision making, analyze your customer sentiments, collaborate effectively, increase transparency, reduce merchandise costs, enhance overall productivity, and deliver unique customer experiences with SAP solutions that are tailored specifically for your business requirements.

Oil & Gas

Intelligent cloud services and Robotic Process Automation, is mapping the route to digital innovation in Oil & Gas. With our tailored SAP solutions, leverage these advanced technologies to simplify operations, solve complex business challenges, carry out planned innovations, and drive stable growth.

Utilize the best in SAP, SAP S/4HANA, Cloud, and other proven technology frameworks to adopt the industry best practices for your Oil & Gas company. Attain operational excellence, seamless financial management, explore your complete business potential and accelerate digital transformation throughout your organization.


Campuses are going digital! The advances in SAP are enabling educational institutions to optimize the learning experience by tapping into crucial insights and analytics.

With Fingent’s customized SAP Solutions, create a secured environment to streamline communication, improve collaboration, and drive successful outcomes for students and faculty. Leveraging intelligent technologies, collate data from disparate systems, synthesize information, and perform advanced analysis to develop effective programs and procedures.


Intelligent technologies are paving way for improved patient-care services. With Fingent’s SAP capabilities, unlock your full potential, and empower your healthcare organization with cost-effective and value-based digital innovations.

Partnered with SAP, we focus on helping healthcare sectors streamline workflows, enhance efficiency, and provide seamless patient experiences. With our custom-built SAP environments, diagnose faster, leverage data, get quick insights, maintain transparency, manage patients and resources effectively, and simplify finance management seamlessly.


Technology is revolutionizing the future of manufacturing and productivity. With our customized SAP solutions thrive the change, with automated, flexible, and streamlined manufacturing operations.

At Intevest Technology Private Limited, we help you leverage the rising capabilities of SAP to synchronize processes, automate data collection, leverage real time-analytics, gain enhanced visibility, enable streamlined enterprise-wide collaboration, proactively identify and mitigate risk, and much more. With our SAP manufacturing software solutions fast track production, reduce cost, and unlock new manufacturing efficiencies.

Professional Services

To enhance efficiency and drive growth in today's market, organizations are bound to restructure their business models. Our SAP solutions for professional services focus on developing smarter industrial processes through seamless integration and next-gen practices.

Optimize marketing, automate salesforce, simplify omnichannel commerce management, streamline field services, enhance customer experience, engage talent management solutions, and control your finance, from a centralized and secured platform, utilizing Fingent’s customized SAP solutions for Professional Services.


Retail customers demand unique, spontaneous, and personalized services. Our SAP Retail solutions are crafted specifically to help you leverage the latest digital technologies that allow enhanced efficiency, quick delivery, sustainability, and personalized customer shopping experience.

Utilize our SAP Retail Management Solutions and Applications to facilitate omnichannel marketing, customer-centric merchandising, and digital supply chain. With streamlined and centralized management of warehouse, transport, sales, and orders, maintain continuity, and provide unique customer experiences at all times.

Real Estate/ Construction

Real Estate management can be strenuous. With our SAP expertise, we help you incorporate the latest digital technology solutions, state-of-the-art user experience, and preconfigured integrations to streamline your enterprise-wide process and real estate management.

With our customized SAP Real Estate Management Applications, seamlessly manage all types of real estate procedures - be it residential or commercial, control finance, coordinate property listing, and marketing, and centralize your complete property management, control, and planning to a single platform, enhancing greater transparency and growth.

Innovative SAP Solutions to Address Every Business Requirement

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Fingent’s SAP Services

Future-proof your business with our customized SAP solutions ranging from core ERP to innovative and intelligent solutions .
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